Frequently Asked Questions


1. What age/height is the most appropriate for Munchkin Playland?

        Munchkin Playland is enjoyed primarily by kids four and under. The main play area is comprised of small climbing structures that have plenty of padding. The height limit is 42 inches.


2. What if my child is too tall for the play area. Can he/she still play?

         For safety reasons, any child over 42 inches will need to remain with his or her parent during regular operating hours. Periodically, we offer a Family Fun Night that allows children over 42 inches to play in the play area. We also relax the height rule during private parties.


3. Does Munchkin Playland supervise my child?

          No. Parents are responsible for their children at all times. If the children are acting inappropriately (i.e. fighting, climbing on tables, throwing food), the staff will interject to modify behavior and notify the parent.


4. How often is the place cleaned?

          The staff uses ammonia based wipes (i.e. Lysol or Clorox) to clean the play area regularly. In addition, tables and floors are kept clean of any debris and are sanitized throughout the day. A bleach based solution is used to clean the play structures nightly.


5. Can I reserve for birthday parties?

         Yes. Munchkin Playland is a great place to host a party for your little one Please see reservations tab above.


6. What type of beverages do you serve?

          Munchkin Playland serves delicious Stumptown coffee. We have a full menu ranging from drip coffee to customized espresso requests. In addition, we serve Italian sodas, fruit smoothies, and soda.


7. What food do you serve?

          Our pastries are delivered fresh from Marsee Baking. Delicious goodies include bagels, muffins, scones, and more. We also have healthy snacks for the kids such as bananas and yogurt.

           For lunch or dinner, we also offer delicious panini sandwiches and pizzas. Check out the Food Menu link for more information.


8. Do you offer discounts?

           We offer a 5 visit play pass card. The price is $29, and it provides you $40 worth of passes. It works like a punch card (i.e. during each subsequent visit, we note that you have used a portion of your pre-paid card). We also offer a 3 visit card for $20.00.


9. Can I have a birthday party during regular operating hours?

           Munchkin Playland was designed as a place for parents to meet while their children play. The store was not designed for party festivities during normal business hours.

           If a party was to take place during regular operating hours, other guests may feel like certain areas were off-limits to their kids. Furthermore, they may feel as if they are impeding on another child’s birthday and wonder if the store should even be open to the general public.

          A large group (between 6 and 12 adults) is welcome to meet at our store during regular operating hours, but festivities must be minimized. No decorations, gift exchanges, outside food, or birthday cakes are allowed (we are not adequately staffed for clean-up).

         If  the customer wishes to include festivities (or the group size exceeds 12 adults), the entire store must be reserved during stated party hours. See the party reservations tab above for more details.

         A customer requesting a party during regular operating hours must receive written approval by the store owner and meet the criteria stated above. Pricing is $10.00/child. An additional $5.00 charge applies for each adult without a child (minimum fee of $25). Lastly, the party must take place after noon to avoid over-crowding.


10. Is outside food allowed?

       Yes, however, please limit the amount to an individual snack size. Munchkin Playland reserves the right to charge a fee or disallow outside food.



Munchkin Playland

18335 NW West Union Rd

Portland, OR 97229



Open for Play:

Mon-Fri: 9AM-5PM

Sat:          9AM-1PM

Sun:         9AM-1PM